What are your gifts and passions? There are many ways to give to Genesis Institute.

We depend on people like you in order to keep this ministry strong. There are many ways in which you can help this ministry. Besides donating money that goes directly to our bottom line, you can also help by donating any of the items listed below.

Donate Your Time, Talent and Treasure

Do you have skills and talents that you could use to help Genesis in these areas of need?

  • We need a new network router installed at our office. We are at the maximum capacity for the current configuration and need to expand our system. We have access to purchase the needed equipment from Tech Soup at greatly reduced pricing. We need someone to install the new router - we have a fairly simple set up. Please contact our office for more details or if you would like to volunteer for this task. This prayer was answered! We have a new router installed and working thanks to a new Genesis friend and supporter - Tiel Hicks!
  • We are always looking for people who help with our Courageous Parenting class. Have you been through the class before? Do you have a passion to help other parents in their relationship with their children? Are you interested in learning how to facilitate a Courageous Parenting class?
  • Our counselors need specific therapeutic toys to help when working with small children. Would you be willing to help by purchasing one or more of these items? Here is a link to an Amazon 'wish list' for the specific items needed. If you go through Amazon Smile and select Genesis Institute, you can help us in two ways! Thank you so much for those of you who went shopping for us! We received the new toys and can't wait to start using them. We still have items on the wish list and will probably be adding more, so there is still shopping left to do!

Amazon Wish List

  • We are in great need of an additional computer for our office. We have had different laptop's donated over the years and they have been great. Unfortunately, two of them have decided that they no longer want to operate. It isn't worth the cost of getting them fixed, so we need to replace them as soon as possible. We may be able to find one using our Tech Soup membership, but there is still a cost. At this time we don't have the funds available, so if you would be willing to give towards this new equipment, please let us know. This prayer was answered! The money was sent to us by one of our regular supporters. We are getting ready to order the computer!
  • Do you enjoy writing? Do you have a talent for editing? We are always looking for stories and articles that touch people's hearts for our monthly newsletter. Would you be interested in using your talents for this need? We received an answer to this request as well! We can always use more help in this area, so keep this one on your prayer list.
  • We need individuals or businesses to help sponsor our annual Evening of Stories event. We would like the entire event paid for prior to, so we need your help. We have received some new sponsorships! Thank you for your prayers and please keep praying. We still have a ways to go to have the event all paid for!
  • Your financial donations make this ministry possible - we can NOT do this without you.
  • Our air ventilation ducts are in real need of a cleaning. If you or someone you know has the tools and expertise needed to do this, and would be willing to donate their service, we would love your help!
  • We need our carpets cleaned. We have the ability to spot clean, but not our stairs and the rest of the office. If you have this type of business or access to the equipment needed, would you be willing to donate your services? We want to be good stewards of our building and keeping the carpets clean is part of that.
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