'Soul Restoration' and 'Deeper in Christ' Workshops

In the Fall, we offer two separate curriculum's on a rotating basis.The Deeper In Christ Workshop helps re-awaken your desire for greater Christ-likeness, sharpens your awareness of God’s presence and promotes obedience to God through desire and delight rather than duty and pressured obedience.The Soul Restoration Workshop is a journey into God’s slow, steady, meticulous and mysterious interventions which save us from ourselves and empower us to live-into heart level character transformations.Both workshops are grace-oriented and focus on God’s wild, extravagant, unconditional love for us as characters in the redemptive story He is writing with our lives.

Workshop Objectives

  • Appreciate how God uses "wilderness" situations to nurture our souls.
  • Recognize the refuge (restorative space) God is creating in our hearts.
  • Practice resting in God’s presence as a cure to our restlessness.
  • Pursue the New Testament fulfillment of the two golden rules of Sabbath.
  • Experience soul movement away from striving and into grateful thanksgiving.
  • Practice solitude and silence to create space for God to move and work.
  • Release our over-burdened selves into the cycle of God’s grace.
  • Better understand our lives as "story" with patterns, plots and themes.
  • Experience (taste and see) the core of soul restoration as connection to God.
  • Grow the heart attitude of "brokenness" as the start point for restoration.
  • Explore the depths of several desires that encompass soul restoration.
  • Practice "living in love" and pursue a joyful sense of being loved by God.
  • Realize what spiritual maturity really looks like and how to grow into it more.

Soul Restoration

Time and Place

The next class starts September 2018

Meets from 6:30pm-8:30 p.m. - Day to be determined

1220 N. Howard St. Spokane, WA 99201


Tuition is $160