December 12, 2022

Dear Friends of Genesis:

You are receiving this letter because at some point in your journey you have participated in, or perhaps invested in, the ministries of Genesis Institute. Consequently, it is important for us to bring you up to date on where Genesis finds itself as we approach the end of this year and look forward to the next.

I am sure that by now you know that we made a very difficult decision earlier this year to eliminate mental health counseling services. The entire rationale for having done so is beyond the scope of this letter. However, we continue to believe that counselors and therapists have an important role to play in restoring wholeness that has been lost. But we also believe that “therapeutic soul care should not be the model of Christian soul care. Nor should clinically trained professionals be relied upon to provide the bulk of such care. The care of souls is much too important to be left to clinical professionals.” (Sacred Companions, David G. Benner, InterVarsity Press, 2002) So, although counseling will no longer be offered by Genesis, we still want to accompany others on their spiritual journey. We still want to make a difference!

At the present time, we remain in a season of exploration and discernment, prayerfully seeking God’s direction on how He would have us focus our energies and resources to care for the inner life of persons in the years ahead. Although it is premature to speak with any degree of finality, it appears likely that our future ministries will be best described as ones encouraging and facilitating spiritual formation, spiritual friendships, and spiritual direction. We continue to believe that “community” is God’s primary workshop and delivery system for spiritual growth. Look for Genesis “Communities” to appear at some point in the not-too-distant future.

On a practical level, we have concluded that a physical location is no longer necessary for future ministry. Consequently, our building at 1220 S. Howard is “for sale.” We have substantial equity in the building, and it is critical that it sell, sooner than later. We have some unexpected liabilities (approximately $10,000) that until recently we were unaware of. At the present time, we do not have the resources to deal with them without the sale of the building. We would sincerely appreciate your prayers to that end. God has been faithful throughout this transition, and we know that He will continue to meet our needs as He pleases.

Thanks to the graciousness of North Church, we have a temporary location to call home. They have made adequate space available to us in the lower level of their main building. Soon we will be plugging in to their phone system and internet and our presence will be more visible. Once we have settled into our new home, we look forward to inviting you in for a cup of coffee and to learn more about our plans for the future.

In closing, I want to extend a very grateful "thank you" to all who have supported our ministries through your prayers and giving all these years. We could not have existed for the past 28 years without you! Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, and believing in us! There are no words to express the deep gratitude that we have for you.

Blessings to you from our entire Board of Directors

Bob Bishopp, President
Genesis Board of Directors