Genesis Institute Core Values

Kingdom Focus

We desire and promote a focus on the kingdom of God: surrendering to the relational rule and reign of our King, Jesus Christ, is the best way to live, love, heal and grow, all within a balance of God’s love and justice.


We desire and promote a deep trust in God’s love for us: learning to receive and live in God’s wild, exorbitant, unconditional love enables us to become great lovers of Him and others.

Transformative Suffering

We embrace the biblical truth that God intends our suffering to be transformative: surrendering our pain, disappointment and struggles to God for His intended purposes allows our hearts to be opened and our character to be shaped for the redemptive story God is writing with our lives.


We choose to suffer with those who suffer: coming along-side the afflicted person, we sorrow and grieve, sharing their burdens and encouraging them to courageously persevere.

Courageous Perseverance

We encourage one another to courageously persevere in two ways: patiently waiting with hopeful expectancy on God’s plans for our life, and assertively resisting the intrusion of evil by counter-attacking with the goodness of God, all in a spirit of holy humility.

Heart Integrity

We embrace the reality of Christ dwelling within our new hearts and we accept the challenge of allowing the Spirit to be the dominate influence in our lives: transforming and integrating our thoughts, will, emotions, desires, imagination and conscience so that we love and serve the way the Trinity does in deeply relational ways.

Soul Care

We believe the roots of our problems exist at soul-level, therefore we emphasize a nurturing of the mysterious inner life and provide counseling for soul wounds in a variety of ways: using a distinctively biblical, Christian approach to our counseling, mentoring, classroom instruction and other forms of community, we seek a balance of God’s grace and truth in a deeply relational context energized by Christ’s incarnational presence within us, His servants.