Beloved – Haley Hanson, LMHC

You are invited into the presence of love. An eternal, beautiful love, with the One who Is love.
From love, you were created. Into love, you are called.
You are invited into a new name – Beloved.
With this name, a new identity.
Beloved – Be loved. Be love.

You are not just accepted, acceptable, or tolerated.
You are a child of the King. An heir to the throne of the Most High.
As only a beloved child could do, you can freely approach Him, about anything, with anything.

Regardless of what you have done or failed to do,
How often or how far you may have strayed,
How broken or ashamed you feel,
God awaits you.

He sees you, in all the details.

He sees your pain, your anger, your fear, your regret, your shame, your longing, dreams, and doubt.
He feels with you, and for you, because you matter to Him.
Not just in a general sense, but in a very personal way.
So personal, that he went to the cross for you, and me.

Pause here for a moment.

What do you notice when you sit with this idea?
What thoughts and feelings come up?

If you are like me, and so many others, the message of belovedness is complicated.

You want to believe that God accepts and welcomes you as you are, where you are,
That God embraces your question and doubts,
That He understands your challenges to faith, to trust, to closeness.

Yet something threatens to get in the way.

Confusion, shame, regret, and disappointment whisper horrible lies to you.
You want to ignore them, but your mind and body aren’t convinced.
Pain scars your memory.
You sit uncomfortably with unanswered questions.

You have good reasons to feel the way that you do.

You are invited to lean into this experience, regardless of what it is.
You are even invited to bring these challenges before God.
He lovingly awaits you.