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Combating Fear

Thirteen years ago I walked out of the hospital without my husband after a 19-month cancer battle.  Suddenly I faced an eventuality that I had not allowed to cross my mind prior to that night.  I became a single mom responsible for getting one…

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 Today I saw a bluebird.  It reminded me of a question I’ve been reflecting on:  WHAT HAS NOT CHANGED?  A ton has changed and sent us into our corners of isolation along with companions like fear and anxiety, but WHAT HAS NOT CHANGED? Here…

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Practicing Trust – Part 2

  As noted and in continuation with Part I of this blog series. Growing Trust Trusting God requires diligent cultivation of our relationship with Him.  The desire to trust is there, somewhere—we just need to get close enough to God so His warmth will…

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Interview With Debbi Hatcher

Hope for Others A Ministry Partner’s Perspective: An Interview with Debbi Hatcher Debbi Hatcher has been partnering with Genesis for many years. We asked Debbi to share how she has seen hope grow in our SoulCare classes and groups she has been a part…

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The Genesis of Hope

  Amongst Misery, hope is foolish.  Even naïve.  In Misery, we descend into that uncertain place where imagination is allowed to paint our future with the single brush of solitary despair. And what a logical thing to do.  We all have frailties and failings,…

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