What our clients have to say…

“I Can’t explain how helpful counseling was. They gave me real life tools to cope with insecurities in my life.”

“Genesis has been an amazing partner in our struggles. Their listening ear and practical tools helped us to move forward in difficult time. Thank you, Genesis.”

“[My counselor] walked me through some of the most painful and difficult moments in my life. Because of [the] encouragement and wise, biblical counseling, I’ve been able to process the pain, and make healthy choices for me and my family.”

“To have intentional time to enter into my brokenness with a counselor who evidently loves Jesus, in a safe environment, has been invaluable and life changing. The deepest love and thanks for [my counselor] and Genesis”

“[My counselor] helped me discover and process some powerful things from my past and how they were manifesting in my present. She really helped me!”

“Counseling is a courageous decision.”

“The bravest people I know are those willing to take a look at the ‘messiness’ of life and work through it. For whatever you’re facing, be encouraged that this is a brave and bold decision towards freedom and the abundant life the Lord has won for us.”

“I was in a hard place for a long season. Meeting with [my counselor]
was a safe refuge for me to untangle my emotions and my circumstances and find my footings again and hope in the Lord that He is with me in it all, always.”

“Truly felt growth, and the best was that my faith was at the center of it all!”

“Genesis and my counselor helped me learn about myself and gain a more personal relationship with God. I finally had a space to mourn, rejoice, grow, learn and be safe and cared for.”

“Just knowing that God is involved in the session is a strength not given in other counseling places.”

“Genesis has been a ‘stream of water in the desert of life’ for me. The counselors and staff have been so kind, non-judgmental, and genuine. I have grown greatly, both personally and spiritually during my three years of coming to counseling here. I am incredibly thankful that God put Genesis in my life!”

“Not only has the Genesis Institute helped me recover from my addiction, it has also helped me change as a person too.”


“[my counselor] has been very helpful in assisting me in processing the loss of my marriage with a Biblical perspective.  I am very grateful for the encouragement and support I received through this hard journey.”

“I truly appreciated my time at Genesis. The office was welcoming and encouraging. [My counselor] was amazing – she was able to listen with compassion. I felt heard, understood and hopeful. The progress I made was life-changing. Thank you!

“God is our healer & Savior and He uses others like Genesis Institute and [my counselor] in the healing process!”

“Counseling helped me to recognize how my past affects me today…it brought me freedom and healing to walk into the future”

“Counseling at Genesis was exactly what I needed for this season of my life…to process through my past and gain trajectory for my future.”

“It was apparent after my counseling at Genesis that my biggest hurdle was to learn to love some difficult people.”

“Soul Care was the answer to my prayers. I enrolled in Soul Care that fall and to this day it has continued to challenge and grow me. It gave me clarity on how God designed us to live from our hearts and how he designed me as a woman. I used to carry tremendous shame with what was happening to me. I learned that God calls us to live shamelessly and to share our life stories with one another. Sharing our life stories not only grows us as individuals but helps change the life of others going through similar circumstances. Today, I can confidently say I shamelessly enjoy sharing my story with each of you! As a person who guarded my heart, Soul Care also taught me how to walk in others pain. Now our family volunteers for Blessings Under the Bridge and this experience with Genesis has been a great asset to have working with the homeless.” ~ Casi

“We were so grateful to find the help we needed to begin unburdening our hearts in the safe and sound presence of our counselor.”

“We sought help from the ministry of the Genesis Institute because we were going through, what was for us, an intense life transition. We were both, as a couple, confused and hurt from a vocational ministry setting that we had been serving in. After much wrestling, we decided to move on from the ministry we were serving in for our family’s sake. We moved across several states and chose to be near our family in Washington. We were so grateful to find the help we needed to begin unburdening our hearts in the safe and sound presence of our counselor, at Genesis Institute.

It was worth the almost 2 hour drive to Spokane every few weeks to meet with our counselor and be real about all that had transpired for us and confess the complete disorientation we were feeling. He listened intently, helped us to find words for the feelings and thoughts we were having and continually directed us back to Our God’s gracious intentions for our lives. We are still on the journey of learning, changing and healing from the disillusionment we experienced. We can see better that we are still in His loving care and that He is calling us into an ever deeper relationship with Himself through the messiness of life.

We are so glad that in the midst of our own inner turmoil we found safe, Biblically-sound and Gospel-centered counsel during our sessions at the Genesis Institute. God is continuing to carry on the “soul-work” He is doing in both our lives. Thank you to the team at Genesis Institute.

~ Matt and Nicole

“Our family has been blessed to experience firsthand that Genesis is the church.”

“The hearts of the staff are aligned with Jesus’ heart – creating a safe place where hurts can be explored and hope can be revealed. It is our joy and privilege to give to Genesis and to contribute to more people being drawn closer to Christ through their unique stories.”

~Dave & Kay