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Please join us for a special "Evening of Stories," an intimate dessert Fundraiser event to benefit the work of Genesis Institute. Our hope is that Evening of Stories will encourage and inspire you as you hear stories of God's redemptive work in people's lives.

We are pleased to welcome back John Ortberg as our featured speaker.

Our goal for the event is to raise enough funds to support our ministry in the coming year. In order to be able to channel all donations from the event directly to the ministry, we work very hard to have the event paid for in advance. To do this, we need the help of churches, businesses and individuals like you to step up and be willing to help SPONSOR this event. To know more about what it means to be a SPONSOR, please click HERE for more information. If you want to know more about the IMPACT you can have, click HERE.

We are also looking for people to act as table HOSTS who commit to filling a table of 10 people with those that will, hopefully, be touched by what they hear about Genesis and decide to support us as well. If you would like more information on being a table Host, please contact Linda Depew at 509.710.8182.

We want to thank you so much for your support of this vital ministry of the Heart and Soul.

We are pleased to welcome back vocal artist Cami Bradley who will be blessing our event again with her music as she did in 2016. Cami gained fame in 2013 as a contestant on season eight of America's Got Talent, during which she advanced to the finals. At Genesis we know Cami as a friend who shared her support of our work and her desire to help us in any way she can.


October 25, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30 pm


No Cost Dessert Fundraiser to Benefit
Genesis Institute


Spokane Convention Center

Ballroom 100AB

334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99201

Click HERE for a map

Parking:  The best place to park is at the Davenport Grand Hotel parking garage.  There are entrances off Washington and Main Streets.  If you take the garage elevators up to the Skybridge level (should be 2nd floor), then you can walk directly across to the Convention Center.  Once across the street, you can either take the elevator down to the first floor or take the stairs.  Then follow the signs to the Event.

For curbside drop off: - There is a pull through directly in front of the INB and Convention Center.  The entrance to the Convention Center is on the right - you should see signs for the event on various screens.  Note: The INB has been under construction and the breezeway between the INB and the Convention Center is largely fenced off.  The fence is supposed to be down by Thursday, but in the event it is not, then please drop off at the Davenport Grand and use their elevators to the Skybridge as mentioned above.

Please enter through the main doors - you will see display screens directing you to the Evening of Stories. 

Registration is Now Open!


About John Ortberg

John Ortberg is the senior pastor at Menlo Church. John’s teaching centers around how faith in Christ can impact our everyday lives with God. He has written books on spiritual formation including, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Who is This Man?, The Me I Want To Be, Soul Keeping, All The Places To Go, and most recently I’d Like You More If You Were More Like Me. John teaches around the world at conferences and churches.

Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, John graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in psychology. He holds a Master of Divinity and doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Fuller Seminary, and has done post-graduate work at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Prior to joining Menlo Church, John served as teaching pastor at Chicago’s Willow Creek Community Church.

John is a member of the Board of Trustees at Fuller Seminary, and is on the board for the Dallas Willard Center for Spiritual Formation. He has served on the board of Christianity Today International. Now that their children are grown, John and his wife Nancy enjoy surfing the Pacific to help care for their souls. He can be followed on Twitter (@johnortberg) and is on Facebook.

Event Extras

Some Quotations by John Ortberg…

"The Bible uses the word easy only once. It came from Jesus. 'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened…and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.'

‘Easy’ is a soul word, not a circumstance word. The soul was not made for an easy life. The soul was made for an easy yoke. And yet our souls seem to suffer fatigue."

"Remember that the soul is what integrates our parts. If our will is enslaved to our appetites, if our thoughts are obsessed with unfulfilled desires, if our emotions are slaves to our circumstances, if our bodily habits contradict our professed values, the soul is not free. The only way for the soul to be free is for all the parts of our personhood to be rightly ordered. The deeper freedom — the freedom that the soul needs — is the freedom for becoming the person I was designed to be."

"If you want to free your soul, you acknowledge that there is a spiritual order that God has designed for you. You are not the center of the universe. You are the not the master of your fate. There is a God, and you aren’t him."

"The soul craves rest. Our wills sometimes rejoice in striving; our bodies were made to (at least sometimes) know the exhilaration of tremendous challenge; our minds get stretched when they must focus even when tired. But the soul craves rest. The soul knows only borrowed strength. The soul was made to rest in God the way a tree rests in soil."

"A soul without a center has difficulty making a decision.
One of the pictures James uses (James 1:6) of this condition is that the double-souled person is like a wave on the sea, driven forward one moment and backwards the next."

"A soul without a center feels constantly vulnerable to people or circumstances.
When David is running from Absalom, he becomes completely exhausted and stops to rest. The literal translation of the text is to “re-soul” himself (1 Samuel 16:14). The disconnected soul lives in vulnerability."

"A soul without a center lacks patience.
King Saul was a big man with a short soul. When he was to lead Israel against their enemies the Philistines, he grew impatient waiting for the prophet Samuel to show up at Gilgal to offer sacrifices. His solution was to take matters into his own hands and offer the sacrifice himself. The result was a shattered covenant with God and a giant step in the disintegration of his soul (1 Samuel 13:5-14)."

"A soul without a center finds its identity in externals.
The psalmist says that the person who can live in God’s presence is the one who has not lifted their soul up to an idol (Psalm 24). When my soul is not centered in God, I define myself by my accomplishments, or my physical appearance, or my title, or my important friends. When I lose these, I lose my identity."

On the other hand, the soul comes alive when it is centered on God.


We would like to give a special THANK YOU to our Evening of Stories Executive Sponsors. These businesses and individuals have given at least $2,000 towards paying for our event this year.


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