Welcome to the Genesis "GEM" Club

The Giving Every Month club

Are you passionate about the ministry of Genesis Institute? Are you ready to help others? If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, then the GEM Club is a great place to start! We need people like you that are willing to commit to give on a regular basis to this ministry. If you are ready to make that commitment, please fill out the form below.

We have different giving levels—one that will fit everyone's budget! If you are willing to pledge a monthly gift at one of our levels and commit to at least a year, we want to send you a special Thank You gift. Each year we will be promoting someone or something different. We are currently promoting John Ortberg, who will again be our keynote speaker at our annual Evening of Stories event on October 25, 2018. Our giving levels are:

SILVER—$25.00 per month

GOLD—$50.00 per month

RUBY—$100.00 per month

EMERALD—$150.00 per month

DIAMOND—$200.00 per month.

(Based on your giving level, gifts may include a book, CD or gift card—depending on availability)If you want more information on how you can become a GEM Club member—please call Linda at 509.710.8182 and she will be happy to explain it to yo.

Each of our monthly supporters are real GEMS!

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