SoulCare Training Seminars

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, Genesis Institute is offering a variety of seminars and workshops.  We realize that many people simply cannot commit to a 12-13 week course, yet we believe the knowledge and training we offer is so valuable that we have re-formatted some key concepts from our courses that can be delivered in a 3-4 hour session. 


It is our desire to move beyond the walls of Genesis Institute and into the churches, community centers, perhaps even schools in our city so that what we offer is more accessible and every bit as life changing as our courses.  You may discover that a workshop simply isn’t enough and decide to take one of our classes after experiencing the value of what you learned in a seminar!

If you are willing to “spearhead” the effort to bring one of our seminars to your church, or have influence in a community center, school, or really anywhere there is space to hold a seminar, call us at Genesis Institute to begin a dialogue with us to schedule an event for you.



All seminars are $60.00 per person. 



Courageous Parenting Seminar  (3-4 Hour format)                                                                                                         

Core Concepts of Soul Restoration (Spiritual Formation), (3-4 Hour format)                                                                                                      

Wonder of Woman; Your Story Matters! (Spiritual Formation), (3-4 Hour format)                                                        

Rediscovering the Meaning of Marriage & Singleness (6-week format)


Dates and Locations

Seminars & the Marriage class are only scheduled by request. 

Dates and locations will vary.


Please check the website for scheduled events near you.


Core Concepts of Soul Restoration, Terry Andres, Instructor    
S.F. Tree.jpgDo you want more healing for the fatigued, broken, fragmented parts of your life?  A tree is one picture of spiritual formation.  Life with God begins as a dormant seed which awakens to germinate; then follows a long and sometimes perilous process of growth – our character developing through the joys and trials of life.  The tree lives in openness to the mystery and majesty of God.  Internally God has placed a “knowing” for the tree to grow, to produce fruit, to come to maturity, to become what it is designed to be. Come to the workshop.  Learn and begin  to practice the unforced rhythms of grace which God uses to restore your soul and stimulate spiritual formation even through the hard seasons of life.


Courageous Parenting, Bob Bishopp, Instructor                                                
281393-teenage-girl.jpgSpecifically designed for parents of tweens and teens this workshop is for you.  Parenting isn’t about control, it’s about influence!  This workshop helps guide you to begin the kind, loving and influential relationship parents long to have with their kids.  Courageous Parenting goes way beyond simple formulas and behavioral techniques.  We endeavor to help parents develop a biblical approach to relationship that speaks into the kids’ very heart.  The seminar centers on understanding the heart of our kids and developing a deeper relationship that offers to guide our children toward biblical wisdom.


Wonder of Woman, Your Story Matters, Elaine Watts, Instructor                                           
fi-butterfly-highway.jpgThis spiritual formation seminar is offered to women 18 years old and beyond.  We will tackle some big questions:  Why do you suppose God (who makes no mistakes) created man and woman?  How does fear hinder a deepening relationship with God?  What are some common distorted pictures of God, the Father?  Within four hours you will be encouraged to reflect personally and interact in small and large group activities.  Spiritual formation is about creating space in our lives in order to cooperate with God in the process of transformation.  My hope and prayer is that you will leave with the beginning of a new vision of being so that doing will flow out of fullness in our “with God life”. God wants to use your story under the umbrella of His Big Story to bring hope to others!
Rediscovering the Meaning of Marriage & Singleness Workshop, Kelly Walters, Instructor                                    
MarriagePoster.jpgThe format for this workshop is a six-week interactive forum.  Each week small group discussion will take place around a shared meal.  There will be a large group teaching each week along with a concurrent book study, The Meaning of Marriage by Tim and Kathy Keller.  This workshop is a trumpet call to reawaken our culture to the wonder, beauty and plan for marriage and singleness.  It is also an opportunity for people of different ages, marital status and experiences to learn from one another the “ancient secrets” of the Gospel that can transform relationships.
Who should sign up?  Singles (looking or not) who want to grow in their vision for relationships.  Couples (married or not) who long for greater intimacy and joy in their relationships.  Strong married couples who want to continue to grow their marriage and their ability to mentor.