SoulCare Training Seminars

Genesis Institute offers a variety of seminars and workshops.  We realize that many people simply cannot commit to a 12 week course, yet we believe the knowledge and training we offer is so valuable that we have re-formatted some key concepts from our courses that can be delivered in a 3-4 hour session. 
It is our desire to move beyond the walls of Genesis Institute and into the churches, community centers, perhaps even schools in our city so that what we offer is more accessible and every bit as life changing as our courses.  You may discover that a workshop simply isn’t enough and decide to take one of our classes after experiencing the value of what you learned in a seminar!
If you are willing to “spearhead” the effort to bring one of our seminars to your church, or have influence in a community center, school, or really anywhere there is space to hold a seminar, call us at Genesis Institute to begin a dialogue with us to schedule an event for you.



Pricing on seminars can vary, depending on length and location.

Group rates and early registration discounts may be available. 



Courageous Parenting Seminar  (3-4 Hour format)                                                                                                         
Core Concepts of Soul Restoration (Spiritual Formation), (3-4 Hour format)                                                                                                      
Women of Hope: Your Story Matters! (Spiritual Formation), (3-4 Hour format)   
What Shapes Me? (3-4 Hour format)
Rediscovering the Meaning of Marriage & Singleness (6-week format)
Creating Sacred Space (3-4 Hour format)


Dates and Locations

(Seminars & the Marriage class are only scheduled by request so dates and locations will vary)
We have the following Seminars or Classes now being offered and open to the public:


"Courageous Parenting Seminar"

Location: North Church - 8303 N Division St., Spokane 99208
Date:  April 25, 2020
Time:  8:30am - 12:30pm
Cost:  $40 per person / $65 per couple
Coffee, water & light snacks will be provided.



The Courageous Parenting Seminar has been postponed due to the Coronavirus situation.  Once we are able to set another date, we will update this site. 


Contact the Genesis office if you are interested in scheduling an event.


Core Concepts of Soul Restoration, Terry Andres, Instructor

S.F. Tree.jpgThe Seminar cultivates some vital qualities of the Christian life which are typically overlooked when we obsess with all the stuff we mistakenly believe we must ‘do’ for God and the church.  These life-giving qualities include opening our heart to the reality of our ‘belovedness’ in God’s eyes.  Truly knowing our belovedness awakens several ‘desires’ which God has planted in our soul—the desire to trust His love for us, the desire to grow in relationship with Him and the desire to be transformed—to become more of who God has designed us to be.
The seminar helps us move out of our cultural performance cycle of works and into the Holy Spirit’s restful cycle of grace—this transforms how we work, worship and walk through every aspect of life.  We emphasize some key spiritual exercises/practices which help move us away from ‘pressure to perform’ and into the freedom of ‘desiring to become’ more like Christ.
God does the work of soul restoration in us but He requires our cooperation and participation.   The seminar moves us in that direction—cooperating and participating in what is needed for the work of transformation from the inside out. 


Courageous Parenting-Bob Bishopp, Instructor                                                

281393-teenage-girl.jpgDerived from Genesis Courageous Parenting 12-week course, the Courageous Parenting Seminar will introduce you to the basic tenets of this influence-based guide for helping parents that is; specific but not expressed in formulas; biblically accurate but not needlessly pious; sophisticated but not confusing; and confrontational in a way that offers hope and relaxation rather than pressure and discouragement. It will provide a window into the heart of an adolescent and expose their strategies for significance and impact. Finally, it will open the door to becoming a more reflective, godly parent.


Women of Hope: Your Story Matters-Elaine Watts, Instructor               

fi-butterfly-highway.jpgIn the Spring, we offer the Women of Hope course which is for WOMEN ONLY.   Women 18 years old and beyond are welcome!  Elements of interaction are present through individual, small and large group activities, along with arresting visuals and music meant to draw our hearts to the heart of the Father and get us thinking!! Guest speakers are a picture of hope as they share their stories of trials and triumph through the grace, mercy and power of God. An optional half-day retreat is offered as a capstone to the course. My hope and prayer is that this will become a place of connection and community; a place of healing and vision for what can be!



What Shapes Me?  Elaine Watts, Instructor

index.jpgMany things affect what kind of person we become. In this half-day seminar, you will discover more about why you are who you are (or what “shapes” you): your temperament type; the strengths AND weaknesses of your type and how they affect your relationships; who has held a place in your “jury box” from when you were young until now; your natural God-given abilities; and your education, life experiences, crisis, trauma and loss. Why is this important? Because it is in the knowing that we can better cooperate with God in becoming the person He intended for us to be!



Rediscovering the Meaning of Marriage & Singleness Workshop-Kelly Walters, Instructor                                    

MarriagePoster.jpgThe format for this workshop is a six-week interactive forum.  Each week small group discussion will take place around a shared meal.  There will be a large group teaching each week along with a concurrent book study, The Meaning of Marriage by Tim and Kathy Keller.  This workshop is a trumpet call to reawaken our culture to the wonder, beauty and plan for marriage and singleness.  It is also an opportunity for people of different ages, marital status and experiences to learn from one another the “ancient secrets” of the Gospel that can transform relationships.
Who should sign up?  Singles (looking or not) who want to grow in their vision for relationships.  Couples (married or not) who long for greater intimacy and joy in their relationships.  Strong married couples who want to continue to grow their marriage and their ability to mentor.


Creating Sacred Space Seminar - Elaine Watts, Instructor

last cannon card resized.JPGThis seminar is designed to highlight some spiritual practices or disciplines that have been used by Christians through the ages.  These practices can lead to greater rest, contentment and a growing depth in our friendship with Jesus.  “They help us to pay attention to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives; to grow a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus and are a means to create sacred space in our lives so we have more freedom to say yes to God” (G.H. Brown).  Spiritual practices are categorized as “Outward, Inward and Corporate” practices. We will take a look at several of the more common practices in each of these categories during our time together.