Core Concepts in Biblical Mentoring

For those who want to become more effective caregivers in their local churches and community, Core is a caregiver training program for both professional and non-professional Christian leaders.

Those who want to become more effective in ministry within their local churches and community can receive foundational training to care for others at a heart level.

Course Topics

  • Develop Biblical categories of understanding people (anthropology) and problems (hamartiology) that promote spiritual maturity in others (sanctification).
  • Learn to separate secondary issues from central issues in relationships.
  • Understand the way of the heart.
  • Become familiar with the core passions that drive human behavior.
  • Learn about the personal barriers to the mentoring process.
  • Think through the spheres of mystery versus management of the human soul.
  • Understand the Biblical categories of maleness and femaleness; learn their design and the effects from the Fall in the Genesis account.
  • Develop a conceptual, loose framework of thinking Biblically. Learn how to powerfully move and enter into another person’s life to promote Godly purposes.

Fall Semester 2018

A Theoretical Framework for Biblical Mentoring

Learn a Biblical and theoretical model of people, problems, and solutions that lead to scriptural objectives.

The class meets weekly for 16 weeks.

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This class will not be offered this semester.


Spring Semester 2019


A model of Biblical mentoring utilizing personal storytelling as a powerful means of moving into a mentoring relationship is explored, and how this brings substantial help and deepens connection and transformation in community. An interactive small group format will be utilized in the second half of the course.

The class meets weekly for 16 weeks.

Date, Time and Location to be determined