Courageous Parenting

Parenting is about relational influence, not control.

Relational Closeness... or Distance?

God’s word speaks about a relational influence that enters into the heart of others. The culture we live in emphasizes how one looks or performs. How one looks or performs is equal to one’s self worth. This subtle message has a powerful influence upon today’s children and family life. What this culture teaches our kids deeply impacts what our children believe about who they are and ultimately will shape the direction of their lives. How kids live out their lives can deeply impact the family in either positive or negative ways. Because of this tension, parents often react to their children in ways that creates relational distance. When parents experience distance in relationship with their kids, chaos may erupt between family members. How we deal with the turbulence is key to building good relationship with our kids.

Impact Your Kids' Hearts

Courageous Parenting is a Bible-based approach helping parents better understand how to use relational influence to deeply impact the hearts of their kids. When parents impact their kids' hearts through wisdom and wise ways of relating, our kids will be encouraged toward a better understanding of self. Parents are vital in helping kids understand who they are and what they have to offer this world. Our children will mature because of the relationships that are offered them, by their parents. Parenting is a journey that will deepen a parent’s sense of impact in the heart of their family life and will grow out of a trusting relationship with God.

Course Format

The class includes a 1-hour teaching time. The teaching time includes material from the Courageous Parenting Workbook. Other materials include John Gottman’s book, The Heart of Parenting, and Dave Hutchins' book Courageous Parenting. Video clips are used to help illustrate practically what we are discussing in the class. The teaching time is followed by a 50-minute small group experience where parents can talk with each other about the issues they face with their kids. This small group experience is important for the development of community with each parent. Many parents feel like they are alone in their struggle of parenting. In the small group, parents have the opportunity to share their story and listen to the stories of others. We all have more in common as parents, something we come to better understand through the small group experience which promotes deepening influence in the lives of our kids.

Course Topics

  • Understand the impact of today’s culture upon kids.
  • Explore the cognitive, moral and physiological changes of kids as they enter into adolescence.
  • Develop deeper levels of parenting influence.
  • Understand the purposes or plans in kid’s decision making.
  • Learn about how different home environments shape kids thinking and behavior.
  • Help fathers understand their role in the home.
  • Help mothers discover their role in the home.
  • Know how to use our stories to help kids better understand their own story.
  • Learn how mothers and fathers can work as team in guiding their children.
  • Learn how to enter into disappointment to create maturity in the child.
  • Challenge rebellion in ways that leads to "healing the broken heart and setting the captives free.”
  • Help kids identify what they are experiencing through the world of hunches.


Courageous Parenting Course

With a parent-centered, heart-directed focus that goes far beyond formulas and superficiality, this course offers parents, adolescents, and youth workers a way of thinking through parenting using a biblical mentoring model that has been proven highly effective over many years. This class offers support to parents with children in 5th grade through the high school years. (12 week course)

Time and Place

The next class starts January 7, 2020

Classes meet Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Genesis Institute office.


$180 for individuals or $260 per couple


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