Courageous Parenting Testimonials

"Parenting is not for cowards!"

God has blessed us with our children, and He will enable, empower and equip us for this awesome task. Taking the Courageous Parenting class at Genesis Institute has been both encouraging and educational.

The class is a breath of fresh air! The facilitators and other parents in the class were refreshingly real when sharing the joys and challenges of parenting teens. This is a safe place to let down your guard and receive wisdom, healing and hope. We laughed, cried and sometimes raged at the exasperating parenting challenge before us, comforted that we are not alone.

The class encourages deep reflection both of your child’s heart and your own. There are no easy, pat answers, but real, raw examples of God’s mighty hand in the parenting journey. As we attempt to raise and refine our kids, so too our Heavenly Father is at work in our hearts, rescuing and redeeming.

The heart of a person is who they are at their core: their values, beliefs and identity. The beliefs we hold, whether true or not, drive behavior. This is true for both our teens and us parents. All our God-given relationships come down to heart issues. When we attempt to change behavior without looking at the heart–which is the control center for our lives–we can only hope for conformation. Conforming to our rules, desires and wishes sounds great at the surface, but won’t take our kids very far. We long for a heart change; only then will our teens be equipped to live out lives worthy of the One who made them. Our Heavenly Father longs for us–both big and little kids–to be transformed, not just conformed.


"As a single mom, I felt lost raising two boys that are now teenagers."

I couldn’t relate to them, and I could often tell that they didn’t feel loved. The things I’ve learned in this class can’t only be spoken to you. The insights are very different from suggestions by a co-worker or opinions from a friend. They are even different from the words of someone who has “been there.” Each class was a step closer to my sons. They are two unique boys, having very different personalities, needs and behaviors.

I’m so grateful to the instructors for opening their hearts and taking us through the course step-by-step. By using the book and helping us relate the information to our own special situations, I learned a great deal. I may have felt a little embarrassed at first, but I never felt judged. Not feeling judged really helped me to be more open to all the new information.

I can see how this class can mean something different for everyone. About half way through the class, something clicked for me. I began to see into my sons’ world. I began to understand why they do things and what they might be feeling and thinking. I also learned that conflict is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be a healthy way to see into a child’s heart and an opportunity to respectfully engage in communication. I can recognize these opportunities and use them constructively so neither of us feel manipulated or overpowered, but rather heard and loved. Thank you for giving me those tools.


"The insights and revelations a parent receives regarding their adolescent children is amazing and truly worth the time and effort."

Many of the issues that we confront regarding our children are based on learned behaviors from our childhood and upbringing that we bring to the family. Each parent brings a different “set” of pre-conceived ideas on how to raise children….We never realized, or mostly I never realized, how our different upbringing would affect our parenting styles. What a revelation!

~ Charlie and Lisa

"I needed someone to tell me how to handle this kid."

“Where do I begin about my journey through Courageous Parenting? I guess I’ll start from the beginning…with what led me to this class. I am a single Mom who has two children; a 12 year old son and a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, very beautiful, and has MAJOR attitude. I tried everything from grounding her, ‘talking’ to her, screaming, and then eventually it became physical. I knew it was at that time that NONE of parenting skills were working. I needed some serious help. I needed someone to tell me how to handle this kid. So, I enrolled in the Courageous Parenting class through Genesis Institute with the intention that they’d help me fix her. What happened was that I learned how to fix myself.

~ Jennifer

" say it was life-changing for us is an understatement!"

“This past fall we were blessed (given a light in the middle of a dark tunnel?) to participate in Courageous Parenting – to say it was life-changing for us is an understatement! We are now humbled to be a part of the Courageous Parenting leadership team, and it truly is a team. The leadership meet with us outside of class time, we all pray together, work openly to plan out how best to facilitate each session, and provide real feedback with a heart to improve how the team is delivering God’s message of hope to parents. Being in ministry together as husband and wife has deeply enriched our marriage, and has opened a door to serve Him in a ministry that is desperately needed by all.”

~ Dave and Kay