Spiritual Formation Testimonials

"This class freed me in so many ways."

From feeling downcast, from feeling stuck, to being okay in the transformation process of brokenness to wholeness.

"It has caused me to have a deeper and closer relationship with the Lord."

"Terry is a gentle soul (God has trained him well!)...

and he uses that to guide you to open up your mind and to let God open your soul so that you can grow in God's Word and life He has planned for you."

"Elaine made us feel like she was speaking to us each individually!"

"The class was wonderful and she did an amazing job of presenting! I also enjoyed some of the guest speakers who so courageously shared their stories. So very blessed by it all."

“There is a definite need for this course. I found it exciting that is was just for women."

"I know so many who could benefit from the truths that were shared. Some struggles are unique to women and this created a space to figure out who the Father is to each of us individually, to realize we all face suffering and hardships and the need for us to get closer to the One who desires a relationship with us and is the ‘Lifter of Our Heads’.”

“This (Wonder of Woman) class was a wonderful class! I would definitely recommend it to other women."

"The content was interesting, the resources varied and helpful and I appreciated not having ‘home work’ at this juncture of my life. Writing my story was enough for me and a very good exercise. Elaine did a great job! She is real, caring, candid and shared her own story so well. And, she has a great laugh!!”

“Excellent class—encourages us to tell/share our stories as the enemy wants us to hide behind shame & guilt."

"By sharing our stories, we break the hold of lies and shame the enemy imprisons us in….allowing me to trust women like never before...healing, uplifting...Awesome!”

"I would highly recommend the Spiritual Formation Workshop to anyone who wants or needs a refreshing of His grace and love."

"I was at a fork in the road in my walk with God. God was giving me a choice to walk further away from Him or to walk back in step with Him like I had once done. Throughout this course I have experienced a deeper understanding and level of His love, healing, grace and mercy. Little did I realize the many tools I would learn and use to help propel me toward a closer walk with God. These are tools that I will be able to use the rest of my life. One of these tools was how to do a Breath Prayer. One breath prayer would be answered on so many levels. The message of Beautiful Redeemer was as follows: Redeem what was lost.

God has and continues to bring me back to the spring of living water and is encouraging me to dig deeper still so I can be rooted in Him. My roots will seek and soak up the refreshing life sustaining water He offers. I am learning that I no longer need to worry about being uprooted again through any storm of life that may come my way.

I entered this class from a place where my heart was becoming more and more discouraged and am leaving the class feeling more alive in Him.

The Spiritual Formation Workshop was a spiritual restoration of my heart and soul."


"This 16 weeks made, and continues to make, a huge difference in my relationship with my Heavenly Father."

"I searched, through reflective reading and prayer to know God and abide in Him, which was my heart’s desire. Terry led us through spiritual disciplines that have become part of my life plan. Through these practices and the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s plan and desire for my life became my desire. Every week a new layer of my independent minded self was peeled away, exposing my weakness and failures before God. My daily surrender is God’s victory in my life. I continue to give Him all joys and trials in my life by practicing daily what I learned in this workshop. I know God rejoices over me as I draw closer to Him. I know God uses this workshop to glorify Himself, by creating His best version of me. Join us to allow Christ to transform you, free you from your self-focus, and lift your eyes to the One who desires you!"


"The workshop has been life-changing! The timing was perfect as I had recently reached a point of burnout. All the concepts taught in the class were exactly what I needed for a life change - a redirection of my motivation for ministry."

I would recommend this training for others. I'm waiting for Terry to write his book so that I can share this information. In the meantime, I will encourage others to take the class for themselves."