'Women of Hope: Your Story Matters!' Workshop

In the Spring, we offer the Women of Hope: Your Story Matters course which is for WOMEN ONLY.   Women 18 years old and beyond are welcome!  We will be discussing some of the unique issues that pertain to women; why did God make woman; the soul of a woman versus the role of women; can suffering be redemptive-even transformative; ways to create space in our lives for an ever deepening relationship with God; some spiritual practices that help us position ourselves to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the process of transformation through each dimension of our being, and more!  Elements of interaction are present through individual, small and large group activities, along with arresting visuals and music meant to draw our hearts to the heart of the Father and get us thinking!! Guest speakers are a picture of hope as they share their stories of trials and triumph through the grace, mercy and power of God. An optional half-day retreat is offered as a capstone to the course. My hope and prayer is that this will become a place of connection and community; a place of healing and vision for what can be!

Workshop Outline

  • The Heart of the Father
  • God's Design / Biblical Femininityfi-butterfly-highway.jpg
  • The Soul of Woman Versus the Role of Woman
  • Beauty Redefined (Guest speaker)
  • Becoming versus Doing
  • Brokenness and Redemptive Suffering (Guest Speaker)
  • Paying Attention To Our Longings
  • Is Healing Restoration Possible? (Guest Speaker)
  • Living in His Kingdom, Not Created For This World
  • Thriving Versus Striving Versus Driving (Guest Speaker)
  • Creating Space For God
  • Falling In Love With The "Lifter of Our Head" (Guest Speaker)
  • Recognizing God and Making Faithful Decisions

Women of Hope: Your Story Matters!

Time and Place

Next class will start March 5, 2020

It meets Thursdays from 6:30pm-8:30 p.m.

1220 N. Howard St. Spokane, WA 99201


Tuition is $180