About Genesis

Genesis Institute is a 501(c)3, faith based, non-profit counseling and training ministry located in Spokane, Washington.  Incorporated in 1994, Genesis was founded on God’s promise to reconcile broken relationships and to see people’s hearts set free.  We seek to collaborate with churches, businesses, and other civic organizations to help meet the needs of people in our community.

We serve our community through biblically based and clinically informed mental health counseling services and through our Christ-centered training programs.  We are focused on helping people move toward true healing, toward forgiveness, and toward real connection so they can experience who they were created to be and the full richness of God’s love for them.

As a 501c(3) non-profit ministry, Genesis Institute is dependent upon God and His people to support this work. All contributions to the Genesis Institute are tax deductible and allow us to offer services at affordable rates; fees are adjusted in accordance with need and available resources.